Monday, December 31, 2012

It's a Mystery!

A mystery quilt that is! I'm designing one for our guild to do this year and so I thought as might as well offer it here too! I'll be sharing the instructions on Thursday night, Jan 3rd, for the guild so I'll get it started here on Friday for anyone else who's interesting in playing along. And from here on in, it'll be the first Friday of each month for probably 8 or 9 months.

I would love for you to join me. Mine is a scrappy quilt in my favourite country fabrics. But you could do whatever you would like. The design is a border quilt, so we'll start with a centre and then add a new border each month until we have a quilt that is the size you want. You can stop at any point along the way. It's all up to you! I'm also in the midst of learning how to do a PDF file, so if that goes according to plan, you should be able to print off the instructions.

I took pictures while I was sewing the centre so I'm hoping to have pictures for each section but I'll see how that goes for now.

And just for a little tease, here's a sneak peek for ya!!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

A Very Wintery Day!

Wow, winter hit in earnest today! It started last night, late evening and by morning we had around 15 cm of snow with another 25 predicted. And lots of high wind. Wow, it's been blowing crazy all day and apparently it isn't supposed to let up until sometime tomorrow. The snow has stopped for now, but they say we'll get more "flurries" here tomorrow. Around these parts, flurries after a full out storm is usually almost as much accumulation as the storm itself. So it'll be interesting to see what tomorrow brings. Lots of cancellations around here today. So we stayed in, and relaxed. Played games, worked on a puzzle, and even a little hand stitching.

I made this for supper, rapure pie! For those of you that don't have one sweet clue what this is, it's a traditional Acadian meal very popular in Nova Scotia. It's one of my favourites and somehow it always tastes better on a storm day! LOL

I worked on this today! First time I've done any sewing in over a week. Not by choice though. I did something to my shoulder, have actually been having problems with it all fall but last Sunday it finally got bad enough that I couldn't do anything with it. Made a couple of trips to the doc and was finally given a cortisone shot on Thursday, wow, that was pretty unpleasant but I think it is finally starting to feel a bit better. He also took me off work for a few days to "rest" it so have not even been hand stitching until today. And then it was only for a few minutes, even that irritated it. So it'll be a few more rest days for me!

I did get these out today. Our guild did a nine patch exchange this past year and now we have until the May meeting to put them together in our own arrangement and share the results then. So, I've been playing with some ideas for that. 

So that's the way the day has been here today. The power has flickered off a few times but so far has held. Not sure with this wind, that it will last through the whole evening though. Happy winter!!

Friday, December 28, 2012

I'm a Winner!!

Woohoo, I'm one of the random winners over at Buttermilk Basin from her blog hop!  So excited, check it out, yeah, that's me there Darlene D!! Can't wait to see what the goodies are!!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

A Finish!

I finally finished this Jelly Roll Race quilt. I started it months ago on a Saturday work shop with the guild. And planned right from that day that it would be a Christmas gift for a friend. Sadly, I put it off and put it off, the quilting I mean. And then a month or so ago when I got it out to finish it, I couldn't do too much as I have a bad shoulder and decided I just couldn't finish it for this year. Well, then I got thinking, maybe if I stitched for just a few minutes each day it might not irritate the shoulder too much, so that's what I've been doing.

Finally finished the stitching this morning, I stitched the binding on, and my mom was here to hem the binding. Ran it through the wash and then the dryer and now it's finished, woohooo! Can't wait to give it to her. It has a flannel backing and it is soooo cozy comfy! It's far from perfect, it's the first quilt that I've machine quilted that was this big but after the wash, it looks a lot better! Kinda wish I could keep it! I love giving handmade gifts. Been thinking this week, that next year I would love to give almost everyone on my list a handmade quilt!

Friday, December 21, 2012


So earlier this week on one of my two days off I baked. One of our favourites this time of year is Fudge Puddles. I came across this recipe in Country Woman magazine years ago and I've made it every year since. They're pretty simple to make, and everybody loves them!

And these cute little peppermint patties are new this year. I found this one on Pinterest and they were just so cute, I knew I'd have to try them. And ...... they have cream cheese in them! You can find the recipe here if you're interested.They are a hit, looks like they'll be another Christmas regular in our house!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Winter, Gifts and More Decorating

Finally we got a little snow here this morning. Rain was predicted but there was a bit of snow. Farther up the valley school was cancelled, but we got mostly rain here. But a little snow is better than no snow at all right!

I left the house bright and early this morning for a breakfast date with my three quilting buddies. We met to exchange gifts. We usually do this at lunch time but then one of us always has to rush back to work and so this year we decided on breakfast instead. We had a lot of fun. We decided in September to exchange fabric for gifts this year. We were each supposed to find 6 one quarter meter cuts of fabric for each other that we thought well suited our fabric tastes. That was pretty easy for me really. And actually my shopping was even easier than theirs, because I've been thinking 4 rather than 6 right from the start! Don't know how I got that one mixed up but anyway I did! So I got 4 beautiful pieces of fabric for each of them and I came home with 6!! LOL oh my, I won't live that one down anytime soon!

Isn't it lovely! And the fabric at the bottom of the picture is Primitive Gatherings. That is new to this area. I've never seen one of her collections in our local shops before, so I was especially excited to see that in my bundle!

And there were a couple of sweet little ornaments thrown in there too! Another Jim Shore santa to add to my collection and a beautiful little wool heart! Oh it is so cute, thought you should see that one a little closer. Apparently this came from a craft market in Annapolis Royal. We don't know the crafter's name, but would love to have more of these. Maybe Kaaren will have an idea as to who made it!

And I have a bit more decorating pictures to show you. This is in the front entryway of the house.

This is the little tree in the bathroom!

And the little tree in our bedroom!

I've been sewing a little bit. Trying to finish up last minute gifts. I made these little tissue holders for the girls that I work with. Finally finished them up yesterday and will take them in tomorrow with a few other little goodies.

Have a few more things to finish up, quite a bit of wrapping today, more baking, and then just groceries. Looking forward to sitting back and enjoying it all!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Kitchen!

I used to work at the local hardware store with my very close friend Shelly! She is the most incredible Christmas decorator. The Christmas section at the store was (and still is) well known in the area for awesome displays. I didn't do much really, mostly just passed stuff to her and she put it in place, lol. She is the genius. Since then, I've moved onto another job but I really miss those decorating days with her.

Anyway, I said all of that to say this - while working with her, we both decided we needed more than just one tree in our homes. And of course working there, with so much inspiration, it was the perfect time to get a few extras. So this was my second tree, the one here in the kitchen. I love the tree itself, I could take it out of storage and leave it totally bare without any ornaments and still be happy with it. It has an actual wooden trunk, love that, and lots of snow! Which of course makes me very happy! And I trim it with snowmen or snow related ornaments and wooden cranberries.

And these are a couple of my favourite snowmen ornaments!

A few more snowmen!

So, that's the kitchen for now. I have today and tomorrow off from work. Planning to bake and wrap. Might have a recipe to share with you later.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

A little Christmas!

Thought I would share a little bit of my Christmas trimmings! I really love decorating for Christmas but work and other commitments have really made it all a bit late for me this year. 
I finally finished most of it up this weekend.

So this is the tree in the living room. I really love country decorating, but this tree is quite glitzy considering. Every year I enjoy unwrapping all of the ornaments and remembering who gave them to me or the story behind them. These are a few of my favourites.
 This angel that I showed you in my last post was from my dad.

 This one I cross stitched years ago, and it's always been a family favourite.

 This three tiered bell was from my Nana and Papa around 20 years ago. It is so delicate and fragile, every year I am amazed that it hasn't gotten broken. And it brings me great memories of them!

This red glass skate is absolutely beautiful! It was from a dear friend.

Another new one from last year, I love how it catches the light.

 This little snowman is so cute, it's been around for a while from another good friend.

I have two of these red glass hearts. They are so pretty. 
One from a friend and one from my sister. They know me well!
 This little silver Santa was from another good friend! So pretty!

A jingle bell wreath!
This one was new last year, from a very close friend. She knows my tastes so well. 
I love the pearls on it.

 My Jim Shore Santa collection along with a Santa cross stitch that I did years ago. 

 My new little snowman wall hanging!

A few more itty bitties! Love these!

My Jim Shore nativity.

And some candles and greenery sitting on a little quilted runner on the coffee table!

So, I'll show you a few more later from the other rooms in the house later. For now, I wanted also to show you a few from our cantata last night. 
We've had a great weekend here celebrating the birth of your Saviour!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Busy Busy!!

It's been a crazy busy week. Busy, busy! Our Christmas cantata at my church is this weekend, first performance was last night with around 180 in attendance. It's always so much fun, but a lot of work ahead of time. Tonight it sounds as though there maybe a few more, but not sure where we'll put them all! I'll post a picture of us all later hopefully.

Through the week, I've been trying to finish up the trimming. Hubby got the living room tree standing last weekend, and got the lights on it a couple days later. I finally starting trimming it on Wednesday night. Still have a few more things to add, I need ornament hooks, so I'll get some of them today and finish it up. This was the first ornament on it this year, an angel from my sweet Dad! How I miss him!

This is the tree in the kitchen, I know it's a bit hard to see them, but most of the ornaments are snowmen or snow related. I've decided I need a quilt tree, trimmed with mostly all tiny little quilt ornaments. Another project for 2013 I think!

Today, I'm working at finishing the quilting on the Jelly Roll Quilt that is a gift for a friend. And I'll hopefully finish the trimming, make some sandwiches to take tonight, do some tidying around the rest of the house, finally get my cards written and maybe work on the blocks for another quilt that is a gift. Phew, I'm played out already!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

This Snowman Just Doesn't Cut It!

Got a bit better picture of my little snowman today during the daylight. It's a beautiful day here! And even though it's lovely, I'm ready for some real winter weather, and some snow and cooler temperatures. As fun as this little snowman is, he just doesn't cut it for snow for me! I'm a winter girl, and this warm weather has got to go!! I NEED snow! LOL!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

A Finish or Two!

Well, one quilt finish! I put the last few stitches in my little snowman quilt tonight and couldn't wait until daylight to take a picture to share! I love it!

And the second finish is the renovations here in the living room. Hubby put the last bit of trim on today! I absolutely love the new colour. I will post more pics in the next few days after I've got some more Christmas trimming done. And I'll try to get better pictures of the wall hanging too.

For those of you who know Kaaren, I was so pleased to be invited to a wonderful afternoon tea at her home today with other quilters and hookers from the area. And let me tell you, that the pictures that she shares with us on her blog in no way capture the absolutely wonderful atmosphere that she has created there. I came home with my head spinning with new ideas to try! And her sewing studio, OH MY WORD! is to die for! I was actually thinking of moving in! Thank you Kaaren for including me today!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Waste not!

Over the years I've thrown away a lot of little snippets from the projects I've made. Today I was making flying geese to use in morning star blocks. The method I used called for a rectangle and two squares, I'm sure you know the one, but I'm not sure what it's called. Anyway, there is a bit of waste with this method (more snippets) so I decided to save them and use later. It took me about 2 minutes extra in the whole process and just like that, I have enough for a little quilt.

And to save from having to sew the triangles on a biased edge, I made the extra seem before I had cut away the excess. Much easier, and of course working with a bit larger piece it easier too.


Can't wait to have a bit of extra time now to see what I can do with them!