Sunday, July 28, 2013

Yard Sale Find!

Last Saturday morning dawned bright and beautiful. My sister, cousin and I headed out to the Farmer's Market in beautiful Annapolis Royal. It was absolutely beautiful there! We made the rounds, enjoyed a yummy potato pancake and sausage, and then made the rounds again to pick up a couple of pastries for later!

From there we headed farther into the valley to hit a couple of Frenchy shops. We stopped at one yard sale, and WOW, I hit treasure. There on the table was this Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt flimsy zipped into a protective bag. I couldn't believe my eyes. The tag said "Old, Needs Repair" and then there was another little tag that said $5. I snapped that baby up pretty quickly! I wasn't too concerned about the "needs repair" part. What I could see from the outside of the bag, looked great.

Anyway, I was anxious to get home and open it up. I love that it has "red' centres, you know I LOVE red!! It's so soft and very delicate,

I would love to know exactly how old it is and I may be able to find out more about it. I recognized the man at the yard sale from a local business so may be able to get some more info from him. He told me there that his grandmother made it. It's a beauty for sure!

So, you can see here that a few of the centres have come unsewn, and there is a bit of fraying around those edges. From what I can see, there are 8 centres like this one that needs repair. An easy fix, I would say! I'll put it away for now and finish up some of these other projects that I've got on the go. Hopefully in the winter I'll have time to make it whole again, and have it quilted.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Picking Up....

....where I left off! Wow, when you miss a day and then two, it doesn't take long to get behind. As of today, I am 11 behind on the basket challenge! I expected to miss a couple of days, my daughter and her new hubby were home for the weekend, and we had planned a little shower for them to celebrate their marriage with family and friends. And what a celebration it was, we had unexpected family show up from Ontario!! What a great visit we had with them all! But needless to say, my two missed days, turned into 11 missed days!!

I was pretty pleased to get back at it this week, but sadly I haven't had enough time to finish even one. I did manage to get several ready though, and hopefully on the weekend, I'll be back up to speed!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Another Finish!

This one has actually been finished for a few weeks, but just getting around to taking pictures of it! The Morning Star, which was inspired by a quilt hanging in the Temecula Quilt Shop when it was featured in Quilt Sampler magazine. I absolutely fell in love with it and knew right away that I'd have to make it! I'm pretty sure their blocks are much smaller than mine, but I'm very pleased with my version of it too!

 Off to one of my favourite places for some pictures, Savary Park on St. Mary's Bay near my home!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

A Finish!

I finally finished a quilt this morning! This is the little 5x5 Temecula quilt that I made back in the winter. My mom hand quilted it and I finally got it bound. So pleased with it. And the best part is that this one is for me!

I love the way it looks in my living room on the back of my love seat! I said earlier last year that it was my mission to fill my house with quilts, and that is one more I can check off of the list!


Addicted you say, lol well maybe just a little!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Playing Catch Up!!

Hubby and I took a couple of days to get away! Which of course put me a couple more days behind in my July baskets. So today, I'm so happy to be home and in my happy place, sewing! I am all caught up on the baskets with a total of 11!

We had a great couple of days just taking in a few things here in our own province that we'd never done before. Hubby is Acadian, so we made a point of visiting Grand Pre, which neither of us had visited before. 

And we drove along the Noel shore, which again, we'd not done before. We are so blessed to live in such a beautiful part of the world. 

We also were able to have lunch with our girl and a very quick visit with our son. Always nice to be able to do that. And what road trip would be complete without a couple of quilt shops!! lol Picked up a few goodies at It's Sew Time and Avonport Discount.

Glad to be back home, no place like home and your own bed!! Spending today sewing, I got the binding on two projects, will hem them tonight, and share them later! 

Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Took a few minutes to finish one more this morning!


Five little cuties! Gonna have to pick up the pace if I want to catch up, today is the 9th, so I'm four behind! We're on vacation this week, hubby and I! So today we're heading out for a day trip, possible over night trip! Hoping to visit a few parts of our province that we haven't seen before, hit a couple of quilt shops and a quick visit with our girl! 

Sunday, July 7, 2013


Couldn't resist another one this afternoon! Trying to even up the score, two three behind!


Up early today to get a third one stitched up before church! On a roll!

Saturday, July 6, 2013


Too cute aren't they!!! And now it's July 6th and I'm four behind! 

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Mystery Quilt, Step #6

Ok, so here we are at Step #6 already. I know some of you have been patiently waiting for this one, as we took a month off to catch up. But at last, here it is! Please excuse the photo quality, all of these were taken with my phone as my camera is away with my daughter. 

This is an easy one for sure. A couple of simple solid borders, a easy checkerboard, and another solid.

So we’ll start with the two small solids. I had originally planned to do one wider solid here but in the end, went with the two smaller ones. They each are 1 1/2” wide. The pieced checkerboard uses 2 1/2” strips and the large outside border is 3 1/2” wide.

Printable instructions are available here!


For the first narrow border cut:
  • seven  1 1/2” strips ( I used red)
For the second narrow border cut:
  • seven 1 1/2” strips (I used black)
For the pieced border cut:
  • I used approximately eleven 2 1/2” strips of dark/mediums and eleven 2 1/2” strips of lights. I used up all of my left over strips from the previous steps, so some of my strips were random lengths, but they totaled approximately 11 strips. 
For the wider outside border cut:
  • nine 3 1/2” strips (I used brown)
Sewing Instructions:

Beginning with the first (red) narrow border, sew all seven of the strips together end to end, making one very long 1 1/2” strip.

From that strip, cut two 70 1/2” strips, and two 62 1/2” strips.

Sew one of the 70 1/2” strips to either side of the quilt. Press the seam allowances towards the border. Sew the 62 1/2” strips to the top and bottom of the quilts. Again, press the seam allowances towards the border.

Repeat the process with the second set of 1 1/2” strips (black). Cut two long strips 72 1/2”, and two 64 1/2”. Again, sew the 72 1/2” ones to either side of the quilt, and the 64 1/2” ones to the top and bottom of the quilt. At this point, you have the two solid borders attached and the quilt should measure 64 1/2” x 74 1/2”. The picture here shows one corner of the quilt with the two narrow borders attached.

Now onto the pieced border. 

I chose the fabrics very randomly for this, as I wanted to keep the scrappy look. I didn’t do too much planning with pairing up the lights and darks, just used whatever came out of the pile of scraps next. Chain stitch the 2 1/2” light strips to the dark/mediums strips until you’ve used up all 11 of each. 

Subcut these 11 strip sets into 146, 2 1/2” units. I made a few extra just to make matching them in the next step a little easier, but that’s optional.

t this point, I started to pay a little more attention to fabric placement, as I wanted to make sure my four patch blocks had four different fabrics. 

From these 2 1/2” units, match two pair, placing one in the opposite direction from the other ( light on the top, dark on the bottom, and then reversed for the second one) and stitch together making a four patch. Keep the seam allowances turned towards the darker fabrics, to help make the piecing more precise. 

You will need 72 four patches and 2 single units to complete the borders. Arrange 18 of the four patches side by side in one long border strip, stitch together. Repeat with the remaining four patches to give you 4 borders. With two of these borders, attach a single unit to one end. The picture here shows the strip of four patches already stitched together at the end of one of the borders and the single unit ready to be stitched on. 

Press all of the seam allowances in one direction along the length of the borders. 

When you attach these pieced borders to the quilt, you have to pay attention to lights and darks so that your borders will work out evenly all the way around. Starting with the left hand side of the quilt, pin one of the longer borders at the top left corner of the quilt, making sure that the first inside block of the pieced border is a dark/medium. Pin in place along the length of the quilt and stitch. (The picture here shows the gold fabric, which in this case is the dark/medium, on the inside of the border and the light on the outside)

Now with the right hand side, pin the other long border to the upper right hand corner of the quilt, making sure that the first inside block of the four patch is light. Pin in place along the length of the quilt, and stitch. Press the seam allowances towards the border. (The picture here shows that the inside fabric of the first four patch is a light)

Repeat the same process with the remaining two shorter four patch borders, making sure that your four patches match up, light, dark, light dark. Pin in place and stitch. Press seam allowances towards the border. 

Now onto the wider solid border. The same process exactly as the first two narrow ones. Sew the nine strips together end to end. From that cut two borders to measure 82 1/2” and two to measure 78 1/2”. Attach the 82 1/2” ones to either side of the quilt, pressing the seam allowances towards the border. Attach the 78 1/2” ones to the top and bottom. Press. At this point, your quilt should measure 78 1/2” x 88 1/2”. 

Little Baskets

Oh my, I have a thing for little baskets! lol I've been collecting tiny little baskets for a few years. I love them. They're scattered here and there around my home. Filled with little knick knacks and what nots. They are so cute, and little, I just can't seem to resist them when I see them.

Same with this little basket block. I first saw it on the Temecula site and thought, well isn't that cute. But I resisted, figured it was a little small and I didn't want to pressure myself. Sigh!! Ok, that was fine, then I happened to see it again a few days later on the Cupcakes and Daisies blog and I left a comment. But I was still resisting. But then, Thelma from Cupcakes replied to my comment and said "I dare you to only make one". lol And that my friend, is the rest of the story lol. Yup, I caved. Had to try one, and they are exactly like she said, addictive! So for one each day in July, I'm now behind on three. But that shouldn't take too long to remedy. Not sure if I'll get the whole 31 made, but even four would make one darn cute little quilt!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

An Oldie!

A few weeks ago, I remembered this little quilt! I made it several years ago, and it hung in my living room for a long time. But, after some time, we changed the colour scheme and took it down. From there it spent some time on a quilt rack in the hallway. And just a few weeks ago, I remembered it, wondered where it had gotten to. I knew I hadn't seen it on the quilt rack, or in the sewing room for a long time. I was hoping that it hadn't gotten damaged or stained but I couldn't remember storing it anywhere either.

So, needless to say, I was thrilled to see it when I opened the old cedar chest in one of the spare bedrooms in our basement on the weekend. It's around 16" square, the squares are 4", it's hand appliqu├ęd and hand quilted. I think it's high time it got back up on the wall somewhere. I have another little one from around that same time that will go with it. I'll show you that one another day. And I'll show you pictures again, when I have them where I want them on the wall.